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Do You Suffer From Angry Black Woman Syndrome (ABW)...

Its 4.35am and I have just finished for the day and as I do before sleeping I like to watch a movie or one of my TV series I have downloaded. Tonight I decided that I would watch a movie I had been wanting to watch for a very long time and the movie is entitled Diary of a Tired Black Man.

This is a movie that ALL black women must watch,  the issues and topics that it deals with are worthy of discussion and debate.

The synopsis of it is that black women believe that ALL black men are useless and they are not man enough for them and there are no good black men out there.

My question to you is the above true - DISCUSS.

Even though this is an American movie and gives an American perspective, I must say that working with women everyday I am here more and more black women that live in the Uk come  up with the same excuses as being portrayed in this movie.

Ladies a few questions for you - is this the cause of the problems?
  • Is it true that black women still have a problem with black men going out with white women?
  • So if a man does not pay on a date is he useless?
  • If he is married and lies to you about it, is he any different from men of other races, are you saying men of other races don't lie?
  • Should black women disrespect and talk bad about a child's father in front of the child
  • Is it right to take out her anger on her "male" children?
  • Do your friends actually end up being the cause of the break up or trouble within your relationship because when you tell them about your relationship, they give you bad advice and tell you how you should tell him about himself?
  • Is the black woman's mouth her worst enemy?
  • Does having a child for a man mean that he is indebted to you for life & it should be thrown into his face all the time?
  • Are men scared to come home because they know their woman is going to fight about something or the other?
  • Why do women always pick the wrong time to pick a fight (e.g when men are sleeping or watching football)?
  • Should women be proud that they consider themselves to be angry and aggressive?
  • Does the relationship change once a man gets married?
  • Statistics say that 90% of black children are raised in a one parent home, does that not mean their are more problems with black women then black men?
  • Is being a strong black woman and the aim to no longer be submissive the real cause of problems in a relationship?
  • The last and final question is - does money matter, if the man has money the relationship is more likely to last than if he doesn't?
My View

I have sat as a panel member on relationship seminars and I have seen women aggresivley tell me about myself, when I give them the black man's perspective on being in a relationship with a black woman. I sometimes can feel the anger and the bitterness coming through when I say something which hits a raw nerve and all that anger comes flooding out. I don't scare easily but sometimes I have a vision that when these women are talking they don't see me they actually see there ex and they want to "kill him", and after having done it once I put 999 on speed dial just in case.

For some reason a lot of women still seem to be "bag ladies", this is where they bring their baggage from previous relationships to their new one and because of that when they do find a new and a good man they end up driving him away because they are making him pay for the man before the man before the man.

I am a black man that loves black women but even I, as cool as I think I am, do believe that a number of black women do have issues, are aggressive and do blame the black man for everything that is wrong in their life.


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