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The Family - Is This Is a Fair Depiction...

For a while now I had been hearing about the series on Channel 4 called the family but had never watched it as I thought it would be another one of those programmes that just paints the Nigerian family (or black family generally) in the wrong light.

Last night I so happened to have the TV on Channel 4 and I saw a little bit of The Family, now to my surprise I saw my late mums friend and my aunty Vicky - no blood relation (everyone that is older than you in Nigeria is called either Aunty or Uncle), and was I in a state of shock or what as Aunty Vicky is my favourite aunty (cos of her cooking) as I regularly go to her restaurant Aso Rock to buy my Pounded Yam and Oxtail.

So upon seeing the clips I had know choice but to go to 4OD and watch all the back episodes, yes I have been up all night watching the 6 episodes and I found them quite intriguing, especially seeing a Nigerian family involved in a fly on the wall documentary.

The biggest problem I have with a programme like this is whether Julie (Bayo) is for real, as to be honest I so do not like her. I think she is brash, aggressive, disrespectful and rude. But is it all an act just for TV or is that the real her? For me whichever one it is I still don't like her. However she did add some good flavour to the programme which I suppose without her it may have been a bit boring and it is clear to see that the producers centred the programme around her as she was the spark in the programme.

As an aside those of you that speak Yoruba will love the translation as with any translation it is never really accurate and Aunty Vicky says some great stuff during the series that are not actually translated.

I think we need a few more of these type of programmes and Channel 4 should be commended for being brave enough to do something different and as far as I am concerned different.

Fashions Finest Renaissance 

London Fashions Week Show..

Mahogany Events in conjunction with Fashions Finest Magazine will be holding a series of fashions shows starting on Sunday January 16th and Sunday January 30th 2011.

We will be having a special London Fashion Week Show on Sunday 20th February. We have places for 6 designers only.

The shows are aimed at brand new or emerging designers as well as established designers that want to use these shows to either launch themselves or a brand new collection that they have. The shows will be held at a classy West End Venue. The aim of the shows is to give designers the opportunity to showcase their collections in an affordable and very classy way, in a fantastic venue with professional models.

The fashion evenings are open to all designers of all genres from urban to swimwear, to couture - whatever type of clothes you design you may participate. For further information on how to be involved email us

If you would like  to attend the fashions shows they are free to everyone on the guest list.

Mahogany Bridal Show 2011...

Taking place on 20th March 2011, if you would like to be involved in Europe's Largest African Caribbean Bridal Show then visit MAHOGANY BRIDAL SHOW for more information.

Screen Nation Christmas Party...

The celebrity event of the year took place on Thursday 16th December and a number of celebrities braved the near artic conditions to attend the party.

Josey Darby and Charles Thompson Screen Nation Creator

TMC Winners Jason and Nana

          TMC 2010 Nana and Actor Chucky Venn

Gambian Actress Fatima Jabbe and X Factor Contestant Natasha

News In Brief...

Face of Fashion4Africa...

Congratulations to Samira Hashi on winning Face of Fashion4Africa and to Yvonne Akwetey and being 1st runner up. It was also good to see Matthew Mensah (Catwalk the World) who was the head judge.


Very simple - GO AWAY

Merry Christmas...

Everyone at Mahogany and Fashions Finest would like to thank everyone for all the support and love you have given us throughout the year. 


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