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Miss Nigeria is Back...

Damilola Agbajor Miss Nigeria

After an absence of nearly 6 years Miss Nigeria is finally back. On the 25th Spetember 2010 the final was held in Abuja with over 20 girls competing for the coveted title of Miss Nigeria.

19 year old Damilola Agbajor from Delta State was crowned Miss Nigeria, 24 year old Erica Okuneye from Lagos State was 1st runner up and 25 year old Obori Edenkwo from Cross Rivers was the 2nd runner up.

Korean Fashion Student Shows at London Fashion Week..

Fashion Student Eunjin from Korea is just about to complete her MA in Fashion at Kingston University. The title of her collection is ‘A woman confined’ and was it inspired by a photograph she found in a book documenting the work of Iranian visual artist Shirin Neshat. Through her range of over-sized jackets in neutral tones of grey and black 25-year-old Eunjin explores visual representations of what it means to be emotionally or physically restricted.

Eunjin OhEunjin Oh

Eunjin OhEunjin Oh

Where Have I Been - Been to London To Visit The Queen...

Last night I finally went to bed at a sensible hour after many days of only a couple of hours sleep, London Fashion Week had finally ended. I know some of you are expecting a blow by blow description of what’s in and what’s out in terms of fashion trends but if you were really thinking that, you are having a laugh. By now you should know me, that is never going to happen.

It you want updated news and reviews of the shows and fashions trends then check out Fashion World on Fashions Finest.

My London Fashion Week Diary...

I can’t believe that I used the word diary considering that I didn’t actually keep one and I am trying to remember things as I write, one day I will become organised and maybe keep one.

So what did I do – o yes now I remember.

FASHION DIVERITY - The night before fashion week opened we had our own show, Fashion Diversity and it was our VIP Gala & Press Launch which took place at a lovely quirky venue called the Islington Metal Works. For me the highlight of the evening was the honorary awards and it was great to be able to honour 3 outstanding designers, Jolaby, Patrick Kevin and Adebayo Jones for their contribution to fashion.

Fashion Diversity continued for two further days and featured an array of emerging designers which included Mong Hsuan Jiang, Nia’s World, Arif Khan, AAMAA Couture, Blaq by Sacha James, Chichi London and Bebe Grafiti.

On the Friday alongside the emerging designers we had the student/graduate competition which featured Beth Spurr, Farah Deeba Ismail, Georgina Kitchen, Iga Wlodarczyk, Hermes, Jade Hope, Katrina Ferrari, Linda Ntumy, Stency Kidega, Stephanie Zeinati and was won by Stency Kidega.

 Winner of Student/Graduate competition

The student show ended with a collection by Little Hands who are young designers ranging in age from age 5 to 14.

It would have been great if every evening after a long days work I could have gone home ate some pounded yam and oxtail and gone to bed, but that was never going to happen in a million years as after each show I had to head down to the West End to attend a number of LFW shows including Masha Ma, Fashion Mode, J Maskrey, Paul Costello, Fashion Shenzhen, Orschel-Read, Krystof Strozyna, Kingston University, Romina Karamanea, La Geneve North and KTZ and these are the only ones that I can remember (I think all the others are on Fashions Finest).

Now for news on what will be in next year – the answer is I have no idea, as I have
said many a times previously I am so not into fashion but I love attending the shows and seeing the production and checking out the latest models and how the shows are produced.

I can say for sure that white was back in, I am referring to all white models at the shows, it is sad that most of the designers hardly used any models of colour. I really had thought that we had made progress on this front but it seems that it only lasts as long as there is bad publicity

Pictures from Masha Ma Show...

Masha maMasha ma

Masha maMasha ma

Masha maMasha ma

Masha maMasha ma

Masha maMasha ma

Pictures from Osman Show...

Designer OsmanDesigner Osman

Designer OsmanDesigner Osman

Ozwald Boateng

To celebrate 25th years in menswear the iconic Savile Row tailor Ozwald Boateng closed London Fashion Week with a spectacular show held in the Odeon Leicester Square on Wednesday 22nd September 2010 and it featured over 100 male models - what a show.

News In Brief:

Beffta Nominations (Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television and Arts)...

It is with great humility and pride that we are pleased to announce that we received 4 nominations for the upcoming BEFFTA Awards which was decided by a panel of BEFFTA members.The awards are taking place on the 30th October at Westminster Central Hall.

We are nominated in the categories of

• Best Event Promoter
• Best Modelling Agency
• Best Male Model – Ibukun Jegede
• Best Female Model – Kadiatu Kamara

To vote for Mahogany Productions ‘VOTE‘ followed by 157 to the code 80010

To vote for Mahogany Models ‘VOTE‘ followed by 261 to the code 80010

Entry by text costs £1.00 plus your standard network rate.

Top Model of Colour Grand Finale Date Announced...

Get your tickets now as this is going to be the event of the year and not to be missed!!!

Face Of Sleek Nigeria & Nigerian Supermodel do LFW...

Makida Moka & Uju Nwobodoh were lucky enough to be sent over to UK from Nigeria by Sleek Nigeria in collaboration with Mahogany Models to participate in shows at LFW. They had a great time appearing in various LFW shows, attending fashion shows, events and parties and meeting a variety of celebrities. We believe that this is just the beginning of many collaborations that Mahogany Models will do to promote models of colour within mainstream fashion.

Be good and take care – tomorrows another day

Short Film Screening...

Sorry for the lack of blogs but things are crazy at the moment with London Fashion Week around the corner and so many events taking place everywhere, so I beg your indulgence.

On Wednesday 8th September I headed down to the Charlotte Sreet Hotel in Soho for the screening of a number of short films by up and coming film directors and one of the film directors showing was a young Nigerian by the name of Keni Ogunlola whom I first met as a contestant in a reality TV show i was producing as he vied to be the next big African presenter. 

He has now decided to move from being in front of the camera to taking up what he feels is his rightful position of being behind the camera and if this short film is anything to go by he made the right decision.

THE LIFE AFTER: (A brief synopsis)

Lonely Adam Borgetti is out jogging on a bright, summer morning. He sights something very unusual. An Enraged middle-aged African man is engaged in a very fierce scuffle with this gorgeous, innocent looking, 'white' lady.

Adam decides to intervene...But should he have?

THE LIFE AFTER is the heart rendering short story of a couple's incredible resolve to cope with a most shocking discovery about themselves.



With THE LIFE AFTER, Keni Ogunlola takes on his second short film but his first time Directing after recently concluding a directing course at the MET Film School, EALING Studios, London. His first short film, JOSIAH MY LOVE!- which he wrote and produced- can be seen for free on

OFFICIAL SCREENING for THE LIFE AFTER was held in SOHO at the screening room of CHARLOTTE STREET HOTEL on the 8th of September 2010 @ 7pm

Although Admission was STRICTLY BY INVITATION, the event was well attended as guests were treated to a series of exciting shorts from young Film makers Tricia Dipre, Claire Wells, Omar Gordon, Garry Simpson and Keni Ogunlola.

THE LIFE AFTER along with the other shorts are been scheduled to screen again later this month at Ealing Studios, London, before screening in Film Festivals across the globe including the Africa International Film Festival 2010.

See the trailer:
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