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Alongside my social commentary blogs I will occasionally send out Fashion related articles written and sent to me by some of the great and emerging writers out there. So if you would like to have your article printed please  EMAIL me with "MR Mahogany Publish My Article" in the subject heading.



Summer is here to stay and swimwear can be a daunting prospect for some of us, as we want to hide our lumps and bumps. Don’t despair! The high street has a wide range if swimsuits to offer so take advantage of it.

Use the changing rooms, bend over, jump around and make sure that the garment comfortable for you and everything stays in the right place.

I’ll show you some swimwear that will make you look your best on the beach.

If your slim and want to make a statement. Then the cut out swimsuits sold in New Look, River Island and Topshop are for you. The nautical theme is still on trend for this season, so horizontal strips will broaden your assets and hips!! There is a new company called, Mermaid England that I saw whilst at Clothes Show London, which produce swimwear that changes colour in water.2 pieces of swimwear for the price 1, which means more money in your pocket for cocktails! Just do what it says on the label, add water!


Hourglass curvy ladies, look for swimsuits with panel control with detail around your hips such as a mock belt to emphasise your hips and make them look smaller. John Lewis has some lovely pieces of swimwear on offer so check them out, prices start from £20.

Booty luscious Girls, vertical stripe swimsuits will draw attention away from your bum. Team it up with a sassy sarong, if your still self conscious.



Dermalogica Facial...

After much contemplation I finally parted with my hard earned pounds to get a Dermalogica facial at the Beauty Haven Spa in South London.

I had previously heard about how good Dermalogica products were for the skin however I also knew they were quite expensive I wanted to have the correct products recommended for my skin by a trained professional.

Upon my arrival for my appointment I was asked to fill out a questionnaire containing questions about my skin profile, lifestyle, allergies, existing skin care regimen and my Skin goal's.

Once I finished the questionnaire I went over my answers with the Beauty consultant then, she ushered me to the treatment room where I was asked to remove the clothing from the top part of my body and was provided with a towel and a shower cap.

Once I was comfortable on the table covered in fluffy towels a Beauty consultant completed a Face Mapping Skin Analysis of my face using the Dermalogica Face Map as a guide.

Face mapping skin analysis procedure provides the skin care therapist with an objective view of the skin's condition as well as an indication of the issues that might be affecting it.


Face mapping skin analysis divides the face into 14 distinct zones, each with its own set of potential problems and unique needs. Using the zones and the Dermalogica Face Map as a guide, the therapist is able to conduct an inch-by-inch, methodical analysis of the facial landscape, guaranteeing that the subsequent professional treatment and home-care prescription will fully address each client’s concerns.

Please not this procedure is only available from approved Following Face Mapping skin analysis.

A facial was tailored to my specific needs which included:

• Face Cleansing
• Steam
• Exfoliation
• Extractions
• Pressure Point Face Massage
• Arm Massage
• Hand massage
• Foot massage
• Facial Mask

The whole experience took just over an hour 15 min and I found the experience to be really relaxing and at some point I'm sure I fell asleep.

I immediately noticed a difference in my skin after the facial; my skin had a really fresh feeling and was a lot smoother to the touch.

Once I was dressed Beauty consultant told me that my skin was generally in good condition but i had an oily T-zone area with a lot of dead skin around my cheeks which is stopping my skin from absorbing moisture and giving the illusion that my skin is dryer than it is.

I was then advised that I needed to drink more water and to steer away from oil based moisturizers as they only sit on the skin giving the the impression of moisture without actually rehydrating the skin.

It was recommended that I purchase the Dermalogica travel kit for Oily skin which costs around £24 then if i was happy with the results I could consider buying the larger bottles cost around £22 each.

The Dermalogica travel kit for Oily skin included the following products:

Dermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser
This is a thick clay based liquid which doesn’t foam up, when applied it has a kind of tingling sensation which was kind of weird but my skin felt really clean when i washed it off.

Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrub
This is a skin-polishing exfoliant with natural grains that are meant to remove dulling surface debris from the skin. Normally it would be advised to exfoliate around three times a week however as I have a lot of dead skin I have been advised to exfoliate every day and also use a buff puff.

Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner
I never used a toner before but it has a lovely cool sensation after using the Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrub as it contains a refreshing blend of skin repairing aloe, moisture-binding humectants plus soothing lavender, balm mint and arnica.

Dermalogica Active Moist
This is a lightweight, oil-free lotion that is meant to help combat hydration; it looks creamy white and is very runny unlike the Lotions I used previously which were a lot heavier. For this reason I thought that I would eventually have that tight dry feeling on my face and need to reapply but I was wrong.

Dermalogica Climate Control Lip Treatment
I do actually suffer from chapped lips and have to regularly moisturise. However I am finding this balm to be adequate without being too heavy.

I intend to continue using the Dermalogica Products until my next facial which I have booked for next month, hopefully by then the effects of using the products on my skin will be more evident.



Interview with Mr Mahogany by Style House

Sola Oyebade – Mahogany International

Tell us about your vision for Mahogany International?
Since inception, the vision of Mahogany has always been to promote everything for people of colour and attempting to fill the gaps within our community or to enable us to compete with or be on par with mainstream fashion. For example, we have been doing the Mahogany Bridal Show for over 14 years which has been the only African Caribbean bridal show for most of that time, it was set up because there was no bridal show that specifically catered to the African Caribbean bride and groom. The same also applied to our Top Model of Colour competition which we set up because models of colour were being marginalised by mainstream fashion and not only was it hard to get models of colour into mainstream fashions shows and adverts, it was also impossible for them to win any mainstream competitions. Our vision is to put black models and creative people on par with mainstream, to increase their representation and begin to create our own supermodels within Africa.
What are your views on the emerging African fashion industry?
I am extremely excited about what is going on within the African fashion industry and by African fashion industry I mean both within Africa and also Africans in the Diaspora. The industry is actively expressing itself and showing and being very proud of our strong heritage. Africans are no longer being afraid to be Africans and have very much gone back to their roots, using African fabrics and designs that show off the curves of the African woman. Our shows are more ethnic orientated and are expressive of whom we are. I have worked in the UK and around the world for many years, most of my shows have been Eurocentric but with the emergence of a move to everything African, we have started producing more shows in Africa and moving the majority of our business there.
What contributions does Mahogany hope to make to its progress?
Mahogany is not only about producing shows and events but also about trying to induce change  within the fashion industry and we have been trying to do this via our Black BUT Invisible campaign. Within the campaign we have had two major successes, one of which was making the all black Italian Vogue issue the most successful selling vogue ever and via this achievement, it brought the issues of black models to the worlds attention. Following on from this, we then took on the British Fashion Council and their failure to use enough black models on the runway at London Fashion week and since including them in our campaign, significant changes have been made.
We will work anywhere in the world but we currently give priority to shows and events within Africa. We are also about educating and we have been giving and doing workshops and seminars around Africa to educate models about what they must do to improves themselves, produce better shows, be able to tap into mainstream and increase their commercial viability across the world.
How can fashion inclined people get involved in Mahogany International?
In the first instance, they can contact us letting us know that they would like to work with us, seek our advice or for us to act as consultants for them. We also take on volunteers that want to get hands on experience of working within the fashion industry.
What will you consider as your greatest achievement till date?
The greatest achievement to date is making the  Italian Vogue all black issue the biggest selling vogue ever.It was reprinted twice and both times sold out across the world. Following the press contacting me to find out my opinions on what they expected to be the worst selling Vogue issue ever because it featured all black models, I felt I had no choice but to do something about this because if it had indeed become the worst selling Vogue ever, people would now have statistics to prove that black does not sell and we could not afford to let this happen. We initiated a campaign via our Black BUT Invisible campaign and got the entire world involved and made history. At the same time, it brought about change and the question and issue of the lack of black models within the fashion industry – this is an achievement that would be remembered forever and has been talked about across the world on the likes of Sky News, BBC, ITV, The Guardian, Evening standard and 100’s of other newspapers, magazines, blogs etc
Share with us some challenges you have had to overcome on the way.
When I started within the industry there were not many black people involved and everyone believed that western culture was the best. There were limited people that one could turn to for support or to collaborate with. It was initially a uphill struggle getting started and having the conviction to continue through adversity, this was made worse by the fact that was and there is a company that is open about supporting black and pushing and fighting for black issues. This has meant that we have been branded as being racist and sometimes have struggled for mainstream to accept us and work with us. We believe that in the end it has all been worth it because we feel we have led the way and cleared the path for others to more easily succeed.
On the business side of things, what words of wisdom do you live by?
Be professional, treat everyone with respect and get your costings right. Do not let adversity, hurdles or difficulty stop you from achieving what you wish to achieve. If something knocks you down get back up brush yourself down and start over. If the mind can perceive it you can achieve it.
How do you balance a fully packed schedule with your personal commitments?
When people ask me this I normally say, I sleep when I die.” I work extremely hard on a multiple of projects at the same time across the world and it seems like I never have time to rest but I do and my primary form of release is going to watch my beloved Arsenal play at the Emirates as a season ticket holder, I am there as often as I can. It is important to get the work play balance right and I strive to do this as often as I can.
If you weren’t doing fashion and beauty, what would you be doing?
I was and would have been a Chief Executive of a big charity or government organisation as I love giving something back.
What should we expect from Mahogany in the near future?
We feel that our journey as only just started and there is a lot more to come and to achieve. Our Top Model of Colour franchise is now in 6 countries (Holland, UK, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Ghana and the Gambia) and a number of additional companies will be coming online next year. Mahogany will continue to expand across Africa producing more fashion and reality TV shows as well as spending a good part of our time educating creatives within the fashion industry. We will continue with our aim to work and put the fashion industry in Africa on the world map.

Nothing To Say...

Its been a while since I last wrote to you, well at least in my mind it has been a while and I thought before I lose all of my hard earned friends I had better put a few lines together. But the hardest part is I do not have the foggiest idea of what to talk about, I know some of you think that is strange but the world is relatively quiet at the moment.

So I guess this will be a blog with a small difference as I am just going to ramble for a bit, if you get bored feel free to switch off and come back when you can’t sleep and you need something to help bore you to death and put you to sleep. This is serious rambling.

When you have nothing to say the best thing is to talk about oneself and hope people won’t desert me forever.


I have added a donation button to my blog as we need your assistance in assisting and developing young talent who want to achieve things within the fashion and entertainment industry.

At  Mahogany we are all about change and trying to influence change as well as help people to achieve their dreams and in order to do this we do need assistance both in kind and in monetary terms. So please feel free to donate to a very worthy cause, no matter how little it all helps.


As I progress through the world of fashion I have been given a new name which I am not sure I deserve or that it even fits me. You may have seen it on my Fashions Finest articles, I am now referred to as “Mr Mahogany – Celebrity IT Man”. By the way what is a “IT Man”, it sounds like just a silly term and bearing in mind that I am far from being a celebrity I am not sure the name suits me. I think I am also being a bit of a hypocrite here as I always call a good friend of mine, Ola Shobowale an IT Man and I can now see why he was not that keen me calling him this. If anyone can let me know exactly what an “It Man” is I would appreciate it.


Going against the rules of self preservation I am about to commit Hari Kari by talking about some of the great bloggers that are out there, this could seriously impact on my follower ship as after reading some of these great bloggers you may stop following me. When I first started my blog I thought that all I would do is talk about fashion related issues but it somehow has not panned out that it has become more of a social commentary blog with the occasional fashion items thrown it.

So for you fashionistas out there I thought I would refer you to some of the great bloggers that are out there and are also contributing to Fashion World on Fashions Finest.

The FBC Blog: written by my beautiful cousin Mary Bello and she is an IT Girl, as she is at evey celebrity or VIP event in town. The FBC is a fashion, beauty and celebrity blogspot that focuses on whats hot in the UK and worldwide right now. 

Bedroom Diaries of a Black Woman: written by Benny Bonsu who is a woman doing great things as writer but also within the Olympic 2012 organisation and within sports PR. This blog focuses on sex and relationship topics and they are dealt with in a very frank and open style, some of the articles and videos are not for the faint hearted

The Musing of Ondo Lady: written by Ronke Adeyemi, her blog is a slice of pop culture in the form of films, magazines, books, TV, fashion and music. She has a passion for fashion, travel, magazines, books and property. What's the deal with Ondo Lady? Well Ondo is a town in Nigeria where her parents are from. It is located in the south west of Nigeria and holds just over 4 million people and is nicknamed the Sunshine State.


This is not one of my usually long blogs as I have so much to do, getting ready for the Top Model of Colour regional heats starting on 24th July (if you buy tickets before Sunday 18th July online we will give you one free ticket for everyone bought), Tickets can be purchased online @ Fashions Finest or by calling 07971 388697.

Then I am off to Nigeria for a few days to speak at the biggest talent seminar ever held in Africa and will feature the likes of supermodel Oluchi and Kelechi Amadi of CNN and so many others.

After that the real works begin as we have more TMC regional heats on the 7 & 21 August, Fashion Diversity 16 to 18 September, Nigeria’s 50th Celebrations 1 October and shows in the Gambia, Sierra Leone and South Africa as well as the grand finale of TMC UK. So I am not sure if I will get any sleep between now and December.


I am fed up, yes fed up with people that expect something for nothing and on top of it when you are trying to do something for them they abuse you. I thought that it was a one off when I received an email from a model having a go at me for trying to do things to change the modelling industry and give models the chance to excel or gain great exposure within the industry, but I have had a few such emails and texts and upon speaking to other businesses and individuals I have found that others get similar sorts of comments made to them.

Recently I put the below email out on Facebook for people’s comments and I was encouraged by the replies that I received. This is an email a model sent to me about TMC: - "Please note that i am no longer interested in taking part in this competition. it is a scam and i am not a fool. You do not need to pay to be in a competition, then you have pay to do catwalk training? you have to do your own hair & make up?"

So the crux of the matter is that I and other business people are suppose to invest our time and money in running competitions, provide training etc for free just because you are who, you are not my mother, sister, aunty or girlfriend or wife, so I should give you all of my experience, pay for venues and other expenses and allow you to turn up for free and so much more because of what. (all the time i was saying that my head was moving side to side American style and my hand was all up in your face - Shaniquwa style).

Another model wrote to me saying TMC is “just a money making scheme”, and in a fit of madness I wrote her the following reply (would love your views):

... in every business that is done a business must find some way to cover the cost. For instance if you go to a concert you buy tickets – that is a money making scheme, if you go into a shop and buy a dress that is a money making scheme.

However in this case the situation is far different in that you are asked to pay £100 sponsorship which does not even cover 10% of the overall costs to put the entire show together, but it is our way of working with models that are committed as in the past when a model makes no investment last minute she may drop out and yes it is us carrying the can.

Last year we took 50 contestants and staff to the Gambia for 10 days, if every model paid £100 that is only £5000, we still had regional heats in the uk where we had to hire halls, feed models, pay dj and staff and then fly 50 people to the Gambia put them up in a 5 star hotel and feed and provide them with refreshments 3 times a day for 10 days – bearing all of the above in mind I would be grateful if you could tell me how we make money from the models.

This year we are looking to do the finals in somewhere like the emirates or Chelsea football club and the hire fees alone are £10,000 without lighting, staff, rehearsal hire etc.

If you feel the competition is not for you and you cannot afford it that is fine as at no time have we tried to force you to enter, but I do feel it is wrong to accuse us falsely of trying to make money from you. This is part of the reason why mainstream has stated over and over again they do not wish to work with black models.

I hope this has put a bit of light on the show and what it is really about and that the money we get from the models could never even start to cover our cost and further more we encourage models to get it from companies who see the benefits of advertising or through ticket sells which if you are going to watch a movie or anything you would have to pay an entry fee anyway. So if like a number of models have done, you followed this route it would actually have cost you nothing to participate.


Be good and take care – tomorrows another day

Female "Find a Man" Football Fans...

Every four years around the 11th June to 11th July the world goes football crazy and more or less comes to a standstill as those of us lucky enough to have our country qualify for the World Cup goes crazy supporting them and in 2010 it has been no different. I am hoping that the women that read my blog are not going to immediately stop reading because this is a World Cup special blog, as besides talking football there is something in here for you trust me.

The Once in a 4 Year Female Football Fan (find me a man)...

What I really love about the World Cup is that once every four years women across the world go crazy about football, they actually go & watch games and dress up in patriotic regalia to show their support for their country of choice. Now I am not being cynical or accusing every woman of doing this but I feel in most cases there is an ulterior motive behind this and yes I am prepared for the barrage of texts and emails from women telling me about myself and that this is not true. But when I go to matches in public places like at the big screening centres that have been setup and at various bars and clubs showing the matches, I walk in and in some cases there are more women there than men YES IT IS TRUE, the women are DRESSED TO KILL, all sorts of fashion comes out. It is so bad that I have seen harden male football fans find it hard to concentrate on the game and spend half their time pushing their eyeballs back into their sockets. I love women as they are so smart, they choose where they are going to watch the games very carefully as they have to feel the footfall of men is of a significant number to increase their chances of success.

You might feel I am being critical of the women of all ages that come out to these football events, which is not the case as I think they are very smart women especially those that are looking for a man as look at this way, in one place there are a lot of men congregating, under the excuse of football you can talk to the man you like and hopefully he will ask for your number and you end up getting a man – is that not smart.

Some of you would say that you go there to just watch a game and support your country and that may be true BUT some women walk into places half naked both bottom wise and top wise I only noticed as I was doing research for my blog, then these half dressed women do not even watch the game as throughout they have their back to the TV or are on their mobile – however when their team scores which of course they did not see they start jumping up and down, going crazy and of course showing off even more than they are already showing and in the delight of their team scoring they are of course hugging people around them (and it is not always their friends or fellow women) - I say no more and leave it for you to come to your own conclusion of whether they are true football fans or just smart women taking advantage of the situation to find a man.

Ghana the Hope of Africa... 

On one hand I stand up and clap for Ghana’s achievement in the World Cup being one of only 3 African teams that have ever made it to the quarter finals of the World Cup (the other 2 being Cameroon & Senegal), but on the other hand I sort of do not envy them as now the whole of the weight of Africa is on their shoulders. Due to the poor showing of the other 5 African nations that qualified  the rest of Africa must and is supporting Ghana and praying that they will go as far as possible – but OMG what pressure this must be. In my humble opinion the little advice I can give is just forget the pressure, play your best and beat the rest.


Football Corruption...

I am just so fed up and disgusted by the antics of the greedy people that run football in Africa (for the sake of not being sued everything within this article is allegedly). There I am eating my Jollof rice with Oxtail and stew with some lovely Plantain and watching the BBC (their coverage of the World Cup is better than ITV) and I see my not too favoured ex arsenal player Emmanuel Adebayor being interviewed and he is talking about corruption in African football, I stop eating with the fork full of food half way towards my mouth as I listening in disbelief to what he is saying. He states that African countries do not want to take on local African team managers because local managers would not agree to the practise of inflating the actual salary that is paid to them. Glenn Hoddle said he'd rejected the post (Nigeria football coach) after being told his short-term deal worth US$1m would be announced as US$1.5m by the NFF. Adebayor also stated that they ended up taking a bus to the African Cup of Nations and nearly being killed because the officials that were sent the money for air tickets kept the money for themselves. Marcel Desailly backed this up stating that it was a major problem within African football (excluding North Africa).

Greed will always be a perpetual problem within Africa and is the one thing that is stopping us progressing as a continent and gives the western media the opportunity to rubbish us, as much as I feel I want to be witty about the subject I just can’t as without corruption we would be a powerhouse continent.

News In Brief:

 A World Cup of Surprises...

It has not been a great World Cup for many of the so called big teams – in brief

·         France went home not winning a game and finishing bottom of the group
·         Nigeria not worth a comment
·         England drew with the USA & Algeria and were mercilessly beaten by Germany
·         Cameroon did not get a get single point and of course finished bottom of their group
·         Italy the 2006 world champions went home in disgrace finishing bottom of their group

Where Are All the African Teams...

We all know that the World Cup is being held in South Africa and for those who are not sure where that is it is in the continent of Africa, sorry but I had to say that as some fools have been asking me where South Africa is – do people not go to school anymore? At this World Cup the African continent had 6 representatives (Ghana, Nigeria, Algeria, South Africa, Cameroon & Ivory Coast) Ghana being the exception, all of the other African countries including the host nation were knocked out at the group stages. It was a very poor showing by the African nations and it seemed that they ate too much Fufu and Pounded Yam. The teams were far from being up to par and when it came to delivering they woefully failed.

As a diehard football fan I was very saddened at the poor showing of African teams, but maybe we are also being unfair to them as a number of the governments of these teams did not inform them in advance that if they win they would be given houses, cars and money so there was no incentive for them to play well.

If anybody has any answers as to why the African teams did so bad please tell me.

Nigeria – Fake Giants of Africa...

When people talk about Nigeria they refer to it as the giant of Africa – BULLSHIT, excuse my Nigerian English, Nigeria is only giant by the fact that we are the largest black nation in the world - 150 million plus people and the richest black nation however even though this may seem like a contradiction we are in fact one of the poorest nations, but that is for another day. The Green Eagles as they are called, as you may have realised by now every African nation has a nickname for their team, showing at the World Cup was woeful, they were beaten by Argentina 1 nil which to me is ok as Argentina are on fire but Greece who had never EVER won a game at the World Cup beat us 2 1, but God was still smiling on us and said I will give you one more chance, so all you have to do is beat South Korea and you will go through and what did we do – we drew and thus were knocked out. 

Nigeria when it comes to football you should not talk, in fact you should not only not talk but you should be completely silent as you have given up your right to say you are a football nation that one day aims to be a football power house and in addition with immediate effect we have removed the title giant of Africa and have changed it to fake giant of Africa.

Breaking News...

Can it get any worst, Nigeria's president Jonathan Goodluck has suspended the nation's football team from international competition for two years after a poor showing at the World Cup. It is possible that they along with France may face sanctions from FIFA as they do not allow government interference into football federations.

TMC Gambia & TMC UK Heat Dates Announced...

REGIONAL HEATS FOR TMC UK... Now in its 5th year and this will be a year to remember. The TMC UK regional heats will be taking place on the

24th July @ Bush Hall, London
7th August @ Bush Hall, London
21st August @ Bush Hall, London (this will also feature the mens heat)

Tickets can be purchased online @ Fashions Finest or by calling 07971 388697 for further information on the heats visit Top Model of Colour


Football Prima Donnas

This piece is not written because I am envious of the ridiculously high salaries that footballers are paid for kicking a ball around, even though if any of them feel like making a donation to the charity of Mr Mahogany all donations would be willingly received. It is written due to the behaviour of a number of the footballers at the World Cup which was utterly disgraceful. I am sure you read or heard about the carrying ons of the French team who were not only fighting amongst themselves but were fighting the management and the French football federation, they indirectly went on strike by refusing to train because Anelka the biggest spoilt brat of them all was sent home for insubordination – are these players for real.

Then you have David James live on TV trying to undermine the England team manager who was duly followed by the disgraced former England captain John Terry who at a press conference tried to start a rebellion, which was duly thwarted by Fabio Capello.

I have no idea about where you work but when I use to work for people and I had a manager, when my manager told me to do something I did it otherwise my arse would be fired and I definitely did not try to undermine my manager or lead a rebellion. My understanding is that these fools were brought to the World Cup to do their best and ultimately try and win the World Cup.

Most of these footballers are treated like Demi Gods and everything is at their beck and call, so why have they grown bigger than their boots (excuse the pun) and now feel that they want to run the team their way as well as play and still lose. Managers need to step up and sort things out and I applaud the French federation for sending Anelka home and Fabio Capello for publicly saying that John Terry made a big mistake (which he seems to do regularly).

It’s only a Game...

In the 1998 World Cup David Beckham was sent off for a rush of blood to the head during the game against their arch rivals Argentina, a game which England went on to lose but following that game, on Beckham’s return to the UK he and his family who by the way did not play in the game, received death threats, nasty songs were made up and sang about him and his wife. His life was made an absolute misery for many many months, at the time I thought it was crazy and over the top and 12 years on one would have thought that things would have changed, but no they have not.

Sani Kaita a Nigerian footballer was sent off during the game against Greece for the most inexplicable behaviour ever and subsequently he has received death threats and the Nigerian football federation had to ask FIFA for protection for him.

People as much as I am football crazy, it is only a game and people will make mistakes and our favoured team will lose and be eliminated from the competition but that does not mean that people should totally lose their senses and become sub human and threaten to kill someone over a game of football. Some of you and you know whom you are were sending out or forwarding nasty emails and jokes thinking it was funny, even though you may feel you did not make the threat yourself you are no better than those that actually make the threats. Imagine if every time you made a mistake at work everyone in the office threatened you with psychical violence, sent you death threats or used the internet to send out nasty emails about you how would you feel – EXACTLY I SAY NO MORE!
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