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Its Over - Fashion Week that is & its over for a few others as well - READ ON...


London Fashion Week is over, I think I should be jumping for joy as now one can go back to being real and not having to pretend that you like someone (when you don’t) or have to comment on what they are wearing and say it looks “fabulous” (please say the fabulous with a upper middle class accent), when in fact they look hideous. By the way what is with the new fad of men kissing men. I am old school which means I believe in kissing a woman on the cheek if you are at that level that you know her well enough to do that and if it’s a man SHAKE HIS HAND. Sorry but I am not into this kissing man thing.

Before I get down to rounding up LFW I must say that I appreciate the fact that my pictures on my blog are not of the highest quality, is that surprising I use a cheap £50 tiny little Nikon camera. Now I am not proud, so if any of you wish to buy me a proper professional camera for my birthday, cos you love me or cos you want better quality pictures on my blog I will not say no, but they do cost about £500 upwards (yes that’s right I said £500 upwards) – you are not so noisy now are you. By the way if you do decide that out of the goodness of your heart to buy me a camera and it is not good enough I will tell you about yourself and how could you buy me such a crap camera (but this will only be done after I have it securely in my hands so that you cannot snatch it back from me for being an ingrate). So if you can make out the images in the pictures on my blog than as far as I am concerned they are good pictures.

I know a lot of you have been getting updates about LFW and people have been talking about the latest trends in fashion and what looks good and what doesn’t etc etc etc if you thought I was going to do the same you are so mistaken as that is not me, believe it or not even though I am in the fashion industry I am so not into clothes, o yes I heard the snead (how do you spell snead? – the spell check is not helping) comment you just made “that we all knew, don’t you see how he dresses when he goes out”. WHATEVER... so my reviews about LFW tend to be on everything but clothes and trends and more on anything else I can think of or make up. So if you want an update on trends then this is not the place to be.

However following popular demand and numerous requests in September we will be sending our fashions editors to attend London Fashion Week as part of Fashions Finest our latest Fashion World website – soon to be launched. So on the website they will do daily reviews and indepth stories from the LFW & Vauxhall Scout catwalks. If you are interested in being one of our roving reporters for LFW or any of the fashion weeks in the world and wish to submit stories to be published on Fashions Finest then drop us a line.

For clarification purposes before some of you start packing your factor 5 or is it 10, we are not paying for any of you to get on a plane to New York, Paris Milan or Rio Fashion Weeks etc I would rather go myself, am I selfish or what or just love to live the good life.

Nico D Presentation

                                                  Rachael Williams (British Supermodel)

I went for the Nico Didonna presentation which took place at Vauxhall Fashion Scout, it is a pity that it was over an hour and a half late as it really messed up my schedule. It was nice to see Samata Angel (socialite, novelist & designer), Yolande (fashion show producer) and so many others at the show. Have to give a big shout out to my gal Rachael Williams (top British supermodel) doing her thing at the presentation as she modelled for Nico D. For those of you that don’t know Rachael she was the first ever Miss Black Britain, which she won in 2005 and since winning the competition she has gone on to be one of the most recognised models in the UK and is also an entrepreneur.

I know I call everyone I know or want to pretend I know, my gal or my boy but don’t you think it makes me look as if I know people and that I am tight buddies with all of these people. O well I always say fake it till you make it.


This took place on the Monday at the Battersea Arts Centre. 

                                               Maame of UNTOLD & her design label Ma:Le

Untold is a collaboration of newly emerging designers and creatives, all of whom have encountered the same barriers when venturing into the big wide world of design – UNTOLD talent, yet no platform. I was really impressed with the show that Maame and her team  - Lauraine Bailey international stylist, Pia Cabble Executive Producer (love the title) Ola Shobowale “it man” production coordinator, put together.

The designers featured on the night included Bestow Elan, Vhichia London, Chrissiefizz Designs,Desiderata (Fashion Diversity 2009 Student Winner), Gevorgian, Lana UK  & Ma:LE. This was one of the best shows I saw this season, loved the mixture of clothes and the new talent that was on show the only thing missing was there was no branding for people to see it was UNTOLD and it was too far away from the main Fashion Week shows, something I feel needs to be looked at for next season. As far as I was concerned everyone was there from Mahogany Model Taneka Burke (and TMC finalist and model Fiona Hall), to Christelle (Creative Director for Fashion CV), and designers Ekaete of Roor & Lanyero to Former Ms Caribbean & Commonwealth winner and now  a journalist Shirley De Lawrence to top stylist Ihunna and so many more – sorry if I did not mention you.

My final two shows were meant to be the 2 shows done by Yolande of Le Geneve North Events which were the Boujis & Jalouse International Closing Catwalk Shows but I had been invited to speak at a networking event which so overran that I got to both of them very late and missised them and also if you can remember the saga about my cousin hosting one of the events, that did not even happen cosh she lost her voice. I can hear you now saying what a shame or is it that I can hear you laughing at me after the dilemma I went through about which show to attend?


Congratulations to My Gal Samantha Cole

She was privileged to open the ON/Off presents show along with 3 other designers which was absolutely amazing and helped create a great overall show. she was also be exhibiting at On/Off for the duration of Fashion Week

Reviews can be daunting depending on who they are coming from but her first
LFW review from House of Fraser was very good ans shows that we have another superstar in the making.

Inspire Business Building Business Together Seminar

I was invited to be among an esteem panel of speakers, I do wonder why they invite me as I don’t think that I am that much of an inspiration when I look at some of the things you guys are doing out there. It was a business networking seminar to talk about “surviving the fashion business” on the panel was Yana Johnson MBE (yes that is right she was given an MBE by her majesty for services to the British cosmetics industry), I so want an MBE or a knighthood – think about it, Sir Sola yeah that sounds good. Sorry I started day dreaming. Also on the panel  was Deborah Ababio (fashion designer & Pr Guru), Patrick Kevin (fashion designer) & Mr Georgeous, yes that is his real name (motivational speaker & top make up artist). It was definitely good giving something back and imparting some of the knowledge that I didn’t think I had to others and it seemed that people were receptive to what I had to say or they were just great liars – I am playing.

Men & their Mistresses (or should I say men and their foolishness)

John Terry & Ashley Cole – ladies do not panic I have no intention of talking about football but what is it with footballers. I know they say that footballers are not the smartest people in the world and these 2 above are surely trying to prove that fact, but how do they think that when they are in the public eye that they can have affairs and it would not come out- DAAAAAAAAAH!

Mr Terry your case is not good as you are married and then decided (and I will still use the word allegedly just in case he decides to sue me and I lose the house that I can’t even afford to pay the mortgage on), to not only cheat on his wife but then cheat with another footballers ex girlfriend of whom she had a child for and who is also going to be his team mate in the England football team and you were shocked that they took the captaincy from you. Sorry I have just have to say Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Again!

As for Ashley Cole I will own up and say that I am 100% bias when it comes to the Coles as I detest both of them for completely different reasons. Ashley because he is a traitor after what he said about Arsenal and Mrs Cole just cos I cant stand her and please don’t ask me why. But Ashley I think that on this one you messed up big time and it is your wife that will come out the winner and by the way in case you did not know you are not getting your name back she is for sure going to keep the name Cole, wouldn’t you if your maiden name was Tweedy. However as I write this I could be very wrong as at the airport the driver that was sent to pick her up held up a sign saying TWEEDY.

Finally on this one Mrs Cole or Ms tweedy how can you move your mother into your house for 2 years and not expect that yr husband will get stressed and look elsewhere – I think the men can relate to the mother in-law issue. One to two weeks of having your mother in law around can be bad enough but 2 years, I think prison would have been better. (by the way this applies to women as well, you have it just as bad with some of your mother in laws).


I spent a couple of hours on the radio on the Connekt2 Talk Show on Playvybz Radio, with the man himself  LG (Livingston Gilchrist). We had a conversation about everything fashion and I say conversation because it was just that not an interview, so it was fun catching up on old times and discussing topical fashion related issue. Thank you to Andrea you are doing a great job at Playvybz.

Rhoda Wilson TV Show

Next week on the 2nd March I will be on the award winning Rhoda Wilson show on Ben TV on Sky.

Writers/Articles Needed

Mahogany's newest fashion creatives website will be going live soon.
It is a website that that covers everything with regards to the fashion world (jobs, news, gossip, trends, reviews, videos, pictures) as well as one of the largest directories for models and creatives (such as designers, photographers, makeup and hairstylist etc) and its all free.  Jobs, castings and events can be placed on the website for free.

We are looking for writers to write regularly or submit articles on a one off basis, covering anything fashion related (hair & beauty, make up, hair, fashion reviews, articles on new, up and coming or established designers, events etc

if you would like to be a regular writer or have something you wish to submit please either email saying what you would like to write about or submit your article with high quality copyright free pictures.

we look forward to hearing from you or you passing this email on to others.

Europe’s largest and after 13 years, still the only African Caribbean bridal show in the UK, will be taking place on Sunday 21st March 2010, this is the premier bridal fashion show and one not to be missed.

We are looking to showcase a limited amount of exhibitors and a number of Bridal & Fashion related designers and accessory companies to be featured in the fantastic fashions shows, which last year was featured on the Wedding Channel on Sky TV. If you are interested or no someone that would like to take part then email me at and if they mention that they heard about us from the blog I will give them a good discount.

Also watch out for our free ticket giveaway, if fact why not get in there early, if you send me a stamped address envelope to Mahogany (ticket giveaway), Rivington House, 82 Great Eastern Street, London EC2A 3JF I will send you a pair of complimentary tickets. If you feel you would like to patronise us and actually pay for a ticket then you can get them at or by calling 0845 388 7249 and they are priced at £10 per person on the door or if bought in advance it is two for the price of one – children under 16 are free.

Well I am tired and I think it is time for me to get a couple of hours sleep before the phone starts ringing again, but before I do that I must leave you with one of my gripes otherwise you would not be happy.

Asian World Media Sponsor

Top Model of Colour UK is pleased to announce that the Asian World Magazine has come on board as a media partner for TMC UK 2010. This is fantastic news as it further extends the reach of TMC into the Asian community and there is the added benefit that the Asian World Magazine is based in Birmingham. Mahogany & TMC is about working with everyone and if you would like to be a sponsor of the biggest modelling competition for models of colour in the world than email 


I say this with a sad heart, why are models so cheap? You call me to look for work for you and then the first thing you say “is your phone T Mobile?” no it is not “o can you call me back as I have no credit”. Now those of you that know me know what my answer to that is – HELL NO. As a model you are self employed and you cannot expect me to pay for your business, so make sure you buy credit before calling or use emails – its free. Sadly this is not restricted to models as a few times I have had business people (and some of them are well known) asking me to call them back cos they have no credit, I am sorry to say it but that is shameful and you wonder why your business is not doing well. The worst thing is you are in the middle of a call and the credit runs out and then they call me up a few days later saying the phone cut off and why didn’t I call them back – yeah I should call you back cos I am stupid, you ran out of credit and you expect me to call you back, if it is important you will find money to top up your phone and call back. On this same topic you get the models that think they are smart and they call my mobile in the middle of the night hoping that I won’t answer and you can leave a message asking me to call you back – sorry ladies and guys I don’t sleep so that don’t work. People invest in your business.

Everyone have a lovely week, don’t forget mother’s day, it is in 2 weeks time on the 14th March and if you have a girlfriend or wife that has a child for you she also deserves something as she is also a mother.

I need a catch phrase to sign off with, that is unique and fits me so if you have any suggestions please drop me a line, but now be good and take care – tomorrows another day!

London Fashion Week (LFW) is upon us again and it started yesterday (Friday 19 February), but I will come back to LFW later.


Some of you that read my last blog may remember that I said I was off to Nigeria to see if I could sneak my way into the Face of Africa show, which was held on 6th February in Lagos Nigeria, well I managed it. I and Yemi Adegite (CEO Mahogany Africa) were lucky enough to receive VIP invitations to the event (thank you Colette) and I was able to invite a beautiful young lady (my namesake) to attend with me. She was definitely the envy of everyone else that had been harassing me to take them with to FOA. I forgive all of you for the abusive emails and texts I got for not inviting or taking you (green eyed monster that’s all I am going to say). 

Got some news hot off the press that Yemi and my namesake have had their pictures featured in a number of magazines including City People, Next Magazine and I can’t remember the 3rd magazine and did they feature me – NO NO NO, now is that wrong or what – you better be saying it is wrong.

FOA is Africa's biggest modelling competition and was an invitation only event that attracted the who’s who of Lagos and South Africa, all of the top Nollywood actors & musicians were in attendance including top celebrities, designers, politicians and fashionista's and me.

The Event itself was fantastic and was filmed for live TV and shown on M Net across Africa and included performances by Naija's D'Banj and SA's Lira.

A number of Nigerian designers were invited to do a one off dress for a particular contestant and these included 3 of my long time friends, Iteun Bassey, Adebayo Jones & Yemi Osunkoya whose dress was worn by the winner Lukando Nalungwe of Zambia.

I must end with a little gripe and that being, on the Friday before the show Lagos state held a Governors ball and all of the FOA representatives and South African designers were invited but for some mysterious reason only known to the organisers or Lagos state all of the Nigerian designers that were being featured at FOA were not invited, to me that is disgraceful especially as it was being held in Nigeria. Don’t let it happen again!

Ok back to what I started with, LFW started on Friday and goes on to Wednesday, I have been invited to attend a number of on and off schedule events. Once again I was invited to be a guest of the British Fashion Council (organisers of LFW), trust me it sounds important but it doesn’t mean anything, as being a guest of the BFC does not get you into any of the fashion shows, to get into those you must be invited by the designers. I am still not at that VIP level yet where I get invited to the main events and I still have to BEG my good friend Yolande to blag me extra invites when she gets invited to the main events. I am still trying to work my way forward from having to sit on the back row to trying to get close to the front row seats. I am hoping that I will make it before I have to start collecting my pension.

Yolande if you are reading this, by next year I am working on being able to get my own tickets to LFW so you won’t have to beg to get me in anymore. Trying to become a celebrity is such hard work and can you believe that some people aspire this as their lives (lives doesn’t sound right, is it life’s instead?) ambition.

I started the day by being invited to the ESTETHICA LAUNCH which I attended with Maame from Untold. I will say no more on this (the launch not Maame). Later in the evening I attended A La Mode International LFW Catwalk Show which featured outstanding international independent designers looking to make their mark during LFW.

It featured designers such as Mila Miyahara (Germany), Hanako Narahira (London), Dilly Daisy (Canada), Estelle Annabel (Australia), niOka (Slovenia), Chrystal Sloane (New Zealand) & Borris Powell (Chicago).

The “it” crowd were in attendance, including top designer Nkwo, rising superstar designer Lanyero (who is also a Mahogany Model and she has another title which under the pain of death I have been warned not to make public), Eric Manu (Fashion Fusion) and the “it man” himself Ola were all in attendance. Hey by the way I sat in the front row, sorry but these things do not happen often so I have to make it public when it does.

Review: lovely venue, good host, well organised however some of the models did not cut it and in my humble opinion I felt it had an overall impact on the overall feel of the catwalk. By the way this was also commented upon by others around me. So only on this issue they need to look for a better range of models, but I must be fair and say there were about 3 really great models in the show.
Untold Season VI is back at the Battersea arts centre on Monday 22nd February and as always I am expecting good things from Maame and her team – will let you know how it went later.

Nico Didonna will be unveiling their Autumn/Winter collection on Monday evening.

HELP: I have a dilemma (well sort of because it’s a no brainer really when you think about it). On Wednesday 24th February, I have been invited to two shows that are taking place at exactly the same time. Now under normal circumstances that should not really be a problem but my beautiful cousin (Ms Divalicious) Mary Bello, is hosting one of the shows but I am hearing the other one I am invited to is a higher profile show. So which one should I go to? Yeah right as if I really need to ask, I have to go to where my cousin is hosting the LFW event as if I don’t support her she will kill me and more importantly I really do not want my aunty calling me – now those of you that are of African heritage (in particular Nigerian heritage) you know how that conversation will go “sola how could you not go and support your little cousin, I expected better from you and you should always put family first” and that can go on and on for a while. So I will be at Jalouse International LFW Closing Catwalk Show supporting my cousin.

I will let you know how she did, if she does not do well I will fire her as the host of the Mahogany Bridal Fashion Show, which she is doing on the 21st March. Sorry to everyone else that asked to host the bridal show, but I had to put family first – my life depended on it and I like my life.


Tiger Woods 

I am not sure if you have been following the escapades of the world’s number one golfer Tiger Woods, who has been a naughty boy (to put it mildly). Yesterday he did a press conference to 
apologise for his indiscretions (if you can call it that, I mean the apology not the indiscretions).

My point is this, I think people that live in the west are very hypocritical (don’t get me wrong I am not saying that it is right that he was “doing” every blue eyed, blonde woman he met), but why and how does what he does in his private life become the business of the entire world and what’s it got to do with his profession? He is a man and as much as I hate to say this men generally are “dogs” (and I say this in the nicest of ways). If he had been an African and what he did became public, he would have been given a medal of honour. 

He is not the first man to do this and will not be the last, I am sure we all remember President Bill Clinton, the only difference with my boy Tiger is that he admitted to having “sexual relations”. People get a life and move on what he does privately should not have to be for public consumption just because he is a golfer, the way the press is carry on you would think he killed somebody.

PS: Tiger, if you allegedly married your wife as a business decision that is not good, but I understand as you can get better endorsements and sponsorship as a “brother” if you have the right type of hand luggage – so sad if true.

The way things are looking it looks like Paula (the current TMC) is looking to become our most successful TMC ever. She recently had a great feature in O Yes Magazine and she has also been heavily featured in the current issue of Black Hair Magazine and did a photo shoot for Arise Magazine and it does not stop there as there are a number of other magazine spreads she has coming up. She has also been invited to Nigeria to talk on what it is like being a top model and she will be doing some promotional work for TMC whilst in Nigeria – so it’s good times ahead for her.

The date has been set for TMC Holland grand finale, which will be taking place on Saturday 27thMarch in Amsterdam. It feels so strange as I am not involved in producing the show and will only be attending as a judge alongside the likes of Hilmar Mulder (Grazia Magazine), Mariane Verkerk (Catwalk Coach BNTM), Tessy Van Eerdewijk (L’oreal). I feel like I have a daughter that is about to get married, seeing someone else do TMC without me is going to be hard but at the same time I am going to be so proud (a small teardrop runs down my cheek).

The Future Nigeria Awards

Ibikun (Male TMC 08) was nominated for an award, for Nigerian supermodels in the world and he made the top 3 and I thought that it would be good to attend the awards as I would be in Nigeria for FOA and the awards was the following night. So I emailed them to ask if I could be sent two VIP tickets and I get an email back saying they could give me one vip and one standard ticket. I am sure you can see where I am going with this one. Now how can you invite me to an event and say I can bring a guest and then put me in one area and my guest in another area. Let me break it down further – imagine if I was going to take a fine babe to the event with me and I get there and tell the babe, sorry “hun” but you have to sit at the back and I am at the front and I will come and get you at the end of the show. Does anyone really think that will go down well with the babe? So do one or the other, invite me and give me two proper vip tickets where 2 people can sit together or its not by force, just say you have no tickets. It can’t be that hard!

We All Make Mistakes

To those of you who have nothing to do but go through my blog line by line looking for spelling and grammatical errors, have fun. Please feel free to email and let me know how many errors you found – now that was a joke – GET A LIFE!

Blackberry Users

I will end with this – blackberry users you are all killing off the art of conversation and becoming the most unsociable human beings on earth, as all you ever do wherever you are, is use blackberry instant messenger. How can you go to the movies watch a 2 hour movie but spend 1hour 45 minutes on your BB instant messenger. When you are not a doctor or a solicitor on call or doing anything of importance, is there nothing that cannot wait until after the movie. Trust me that is just one example, I could go on and on. People stop being cheap and pick up the phone and talk to each other and know when not to use it.

Be good, have fun and have a great fashion week.

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