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Mr Mahogany Has Moved Homes...

Mr Mahogany is now permanently residing at Fashions Finest. so please visit me here

look forward to you reading my blogs at my new home

The Peoples Award for All Nationalities... Fashions Finest Awards

I ask you how many awards ceremonies are there out there? I am sure you will say there are a few - which is true.

Besides the British Fashion Awards how many high class awards ceremonies are there that are specifically for the fashion industry, but more importantly that recognise up and coming designers, models and creatives that are either new or are established but have not been recognised by mainstream fashion either because they are different or don't come from a named background or have influential friends. NONE that I know of, so Fashions Finest decided that things must change and the everyday, hard working designer, creative or models should be recognised and show the world what they can do and what they have done.

Fashions Finest is pleased to announce that finally there is an awards ceremony for the everyday or culturally diverse designer, creative or model that has not yet been recognised by the mainstream fashion industry, regardless of whether you are White, Black, Asian or a high end luxury designer, urban, formal or casual wear designer these awards are for you.

Fashions Finest aims to redress this imbalance and through the Fashions Finest Awards, designers, creatives and models that work within the culturally diverse fashion industry will be acknowledged and recognised for their talent.

July 2011 will host the first ever annual Fashions Finest Awards, which will be a prestigious awards ceremony that would be truly appreciated by its recipients and would be recognised generally within the British fashion industry and internationally as a sign of true talent and professionalism.

How Will Nominees be selected?

Nominations will open from 1st January 2011. Individuals and companies can submit nominations for themselves or other individuals or companies that they feel are worthy of recognition and an award.

Nominee submissions close on 31st March 2011.

During the month of April an elite selection panel will decide upon the final nominees that will vye for a coveted FF Award. The panel of industry experts will include Fashion Editors, Designers and well known creatives who will decide upon a shortlist of 3 nominees in each of the 10 categories.

The FF Fashion Icon Award will be decided upon by text voting by members of the public.

The FF Hall of Fame Award will be decided upon by the editor of Fashions Finest.

On the 8th May at an exclusive Nominations party the 2011 FF Awards final nominees will be announced and the winners will be announced at the FF Awards ceremony in July 2011.


1. Graduate Designer of the Year

2. Emerging Designer of the Year

3. Fashion Photographer of the Year

4. Make Up Artist of the Year

5. Stylist of the Year

6. Female Model of the Year

7. Male Model of the Year

8. Accessory Designer of the Year

9. Menswear Designer of the year

10. FF Fashion Icon

Any members of the public can nominate and vote for an individual or company that they consider to be a fashion icon. The fashion icon award is open to the public’s interpretation of what they consider to be a fashion icon.

11. Fashions Finest Hall of Fame

This category will be decided upon by the editor of Fashions Finest whom will decide which individual or company should be elected into Fashions Finest Hall of Fame. This alongside Designer of the Year is one of the most prestigious awards.

The recipient of this award will be informed that they have won the award prior to the event.

12. Designer of the Year

This is the most prestigious award and is open to any genre of fashion designers.

EMAIL FASHIONS FINEST to obtain an information and application pack or to pass onto other worthwhile nominees.

Please read the selection criteria carefully and ensure that if you are submitting a nomination that you provide as much relevant information as possible.

The deadline to submit an application is 31st March 2011.


Think of anyone you know that has worked hard but has not been recognised

We look forward to receiving your completed application.

If you would like to be a sponsor of the event please emails Fashions Finest

A Good Read...

If you are anything like me every time the post drops through the letterbox there is a feeling of dread as most of the time the mail just includes demands for money. So it is always a pleasant surprise when I get a nice package as opposed to a bill and this happened just the other day when I was sent a complimentary book in the post. Not only that but the author signed it and wrote a nice message in the book " To Sola Oyebade with gratitude for all you are doing". Even though I don't feel I do anything, it is nice to be appreciated.

The book is entitled "ALMOST BRITISH" by Olivea M. Ebanks, it is a deep read and is over 420 pages long and has been endorsed by Doreen Lawrence OBE (The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust).

The book is about Olivea's rare story of victory. " This can't be happening! Not racism. Not in the 21st Century in England. and not in Her Majesty's Prison Service! But it was happening and Olivea had two options: she could either take the constant abuse , ignore the racial comments, and  differential treatment in the hope  that it would go away or she could stand up to her bullies. In 2008, Olivea chose bravely, and took the Prison Service and her colleagues to court for direct racial discrimination, harrassment and victimisation. She stood alone to represent herself in a 15 day hearing and won!"

It is a great read and I think Doreen Lawrence OBE surmises the book eloquently "I believe this book will bring attention to the racism and suffering of individuals and it will help to bring about change for the institution as a whole"

Another great read is a book that has been donated to TMC 2010 winner Nana Afua by Alison Husbands entitled "THE AFRO HAIR & BEAUTY BIBLE". The must have beauty book for women of colour. Ever wondered how some women of colour can grow long thick healthy hair down to their waist; when your hair seems to stop growing at shoulder length? Yes...then this book is for you.

In this book you would discover the secrets of how to achieve and maintain beautiful healthy Afro hair and learn the proper techniques and methods to make you look and feel your best.

Learn what skin care and make-up brands work best with black skin as well as discovering natural alternatives for everyday beauty regimes. So natural or relaxed, grab a copy of this book and find out how to get the long hair you have always wanted.

Do You Suffer From Angry Black Woman Syndrome (ABW)...

Its 4.35am and I have just finished for the day and as I do before sleeping I like to watch a movie or one of my TV series I have downloaded. Tonight I decided that I would watch a movie I had been wanting to watch for a very long time and the movie is entitled Diary of a Tired Black Man.

This is a movie that ALL black women must watch,  the issues and topics that it deals with are worthy of discussion and debate.

The synopsis of it is that black women believe that ALL black men are useless and they are not man enough for them and there are no good black men out there.

My question to you is the above true - DISCUSS.

Even though this is an American movie and gives an American perspective, I must say that working with women everyday I am here more and more black women that live in the Uk come  up with the same excuses as being portrayed in this movie.

Ladies a few questions for you - is this the cause of the problems?
  • Is it true that black women still have a problem with black men going out with white women?
  • So if a man does not pay on a date is he useless?
  • If he is married and lies to you about it, is he any different from men of other races, are you saying men of other races don't lie?
  • Should black women disrespect and talk bad about a child's father in front of the child
  • Is it right to take out her anger on her "male" children?
  • Do your friends actually end up being the cause of the break up or trouble within your relationship because when you tell them about your relationship, they give you bad advice and tell you how you should tell him about himself?
  • Is the black woman's mouth her worst enemy?
  • Does having a child for a man mean that he is indebted to you for life & it should be thrown into his face all the time?
  • Are men scared to come home because they know their woman is going to fight about something or the other?
  • Why do women always pick the wrong time to pick a fight (e.g when men are sleeping or watching football)?
  • Should women be proud that they consider themselves to be angry and aggressive?
  • Does the relationship change once a man gets married?
  • Statistics say that 90% of black children are raised in a one parent home, does that not mean their are more problems with black women then black men?
  • Is being a strong black woman and the aim to no longer be submissive the real cause of problems in a relationship?
  • The last and final question is - does money matter, if the man has money the relationship is more likely to last than if he doesn't?
My View

I have sat as a panel member on relationship seminars and I have seen women aggresivley tell me about myself, when I give them the black man's perspective on being in a relationship with a black woman. I sometimes can feel the anger and the bitterness coming through when I say something which hits a raw nerve and all that anger comes flooding out. I don't scare easily but sometimes I have a vision that when these women are talking they don't see me they actually see there ex and they want to "kill him", and after having done it once I put 999 on speed dial just in case.

For some reason a lot of women still seem to be "bag ladies", this is where they bring their baggage from previous relationships to their new one and because of that when they do find a new and a good man they end up driving him away because they are making him pay for the man before the man before the man.

I am a black man that loves black women but even I, as cool as I think I am, do believe that a number of black women do have issues, are aggressive and do blame the black man for everything that is wrong in their life.


2010 Reviewed... HAPPY NEW YEAR!

It would be very bad manners of me if I did not start by saying Happy New Year to you and I pray that it is an Austerity Free year for you and all of your hearts desires may be fulfilled, whether it be seeking financial reward, love or marriage, a new job or the success of your business or career, you will achieve them – that is my prayer for you.

It is amazing that the besides people going to church for christenings, weddings and funerals the one other time that most people seem to attend church is on New Year’s Eve, it is as if people feel that if they go to church on New Year’s Eve good luck will follow them for the whole year (before you asked I was one of them that made it to church last night) and I must be honest that I have not attended church as much as I should have, so I may just be in the group of people I talk about above. I do however pray daily but as I have been told I should go to church more regularly.

At this time of the year I like to do a quick review of what has happened throughout the year and also briefly talk about what Mr Mahogany has been up to.

President Obama
We still have the most powerful man in the world being a black man, but 2011 will be a tough year for him as he prepares to bid for a second term. Mr President we got your back because the world would be in serious trouble if Sarah Palin gets elected as president.

The war still goes on, enough already.

This website has changed the way spies work and how governments will communicate with each other. It would be interesting to see what the long term effects will be on freedom of information, but more importantly will the Americans get their man the founder of Wikileaks, Julian Assange. You know they will not rest until they get their man dead or alive – I wonder!

Is the World Coming to an end?

Haiti - One of the poorest countries in the world faced further devastation with an earthquake that killed at least 150,000 people. Sadly the international response was very slowly and may have been the cause for many people dying.

Pakistan – record flooding in northwest Pakistan led to tens of millions of people being made homeless or having to leave their homes.

Iceland – the volcano eruptions in Iceland led to worldwide disruption of air travel for many across the world.

UK and USA – unusual heavy snowfall led to the closure of two of the world’s largest airports, JFK and Heathrow and a lot of angry people.

Chilean Miners
One of the happiest stories of the year was the rescue of 33 Chilean miners that were trapped underground for over two months. Well done to the Chileans that were able to complete a fete that many western countries would struggle to do. Can’t wait for the film.

Africa is the New Fashion and Entertainment Capital of the World
If you have not been to Africa then you better get on the band wagon as Africa is the new fashion and entertainment capital of the world. Nollywood is officially rated as the second largest film industry in the world and with films like, Aje, The Figurine and Mirror Boy getting rave reviews across the world. The quality of films produced by Nollywood has improved and some of them are on par with Hollywood films. An aside, watch out as I am expecting the Ghanaian movie industry to do some great things having already produced great films like Sinking Sands featuring Ama K and the likes of Rachael Williams (Miss Black Britain) hoping to make her mark within the Ghanaian film industry, things are looking good.

Nigeria – this has been a good year for Nigeria, in February they hosted the Face of Africa Finale and in December they hosted the MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMA’s) which was hosted by Eve.

South Africa – hosted the first ever World Cup in Africa which in my view was an outstanding success and Ghana was the only African team that did us proud, I am still an adopted Ghanaian. Well done to Spain for winning the World Cup for the first time in their history and shame on Holland for trying to kick their way to winning the World Cup.

Shows that got it Wrong:
Africa Music Awards – it has all been said in a previous blog but we look forward to them getting it right in 2011 and if they don't invite me cos they have black listed me I will still sneak my way in cos I have to support our own.
Beffta’s – as above.
Australia’s Next Top Model – get the result right in 2011.
X Factor – Gamu, Wagner, Cheryl Cole – enough said. However I am looking forward to X Factor America and wondering if I would like American Idol now that Simon Cowell has left.

Mr England
Mr England – congratulations to Vaughan Bailey for being the first black man to win the coveted MR England pageant lets hope he will not go down the line of Ms rachael Christie the first ever black winer of Miss England.

Sour Grapes – one of the most disappointing events of 2010 was the attitude of the English football establishment at not being awarded the 2018 World Cup finals. Guys you lost, live with it and get on with life, you have no God given right to host it and like how you put South Africa down when they won, you did the same with Russia. Russia will host a good World Cup, not sure I want to go there though as it is far.

Mahogany Review:
It has been a good year for Mahogany with our events growing from strength to strength and Mr Mahogany himself (by the way that is me) producing and event managing more shows abroad and in the UK, doing more presenting and judging work. I am eagerly looking forward to 2011 as I seek to become an actor (excuse me stop laughing, I am sure I could be a good actor) and we will be doing a lot more shows that aim to assist people get started or promote themselves within the fashion and entertainment industry. I have included some brief details below.

TMC Holland –  the first ever winner of TMC Holland Adut Mawien was crowned in March 2010 and TMC Holland 2011 is expected to be even bigger.

TMC UK – celebrated its fifth year and Nana Afua Antwi and Jason Daniel Best won and to commemorate our 5th year all of our previous winners were presented with a special award.

Fashions Finest Magazine – is one of our biggest projects to date. We have been working on it for the past 6 months and it will go live in the middle of January 2011 and is an online fashion magazine that aims to promote people that either mainstream or the big players in the fashion and entertainment are not eager to promote or anyone locally or international that has something interesting to say or promote. The magazine is for EVERYONE of all nationalities, fashion and entertainment genres.

Fashions Finest Renaissance – fashions shows will be taking place every month throughout the year with the primary aim to promote new, aspiring and established designers, creatives, photographers etc to achieve maximum exposure within their communities as well as within mainstream fashion. The shows confirmed so far are on the 16th and 30th January and the 19th and 20th February (taking place during London Fashion Week).

Fashions Finest Awards – this is the event that everyone has been asking for and looking forward too. Fashions Finest Awards aims to redress the imbalance of small or medium size individuals or companies  not being recognised by mainstream fashion either because they are different or not considered big enough or prestigious enough to be considered for a British Fashion Award. Through Fashions Finest Awards, designers, creatives and models that work within the culturally diverse fashion industry will be acknowledged and recognised for their talent. These awards are open to EVERYONE, of all nationalities, ethnic backgrounds, all genres of fashion, small and large. July 2011 will host the first ever annual Fashions Finest Awards, which will be a prestigious awards ceremony that would be truly appreciated by its invited guests, nominees, recipients and would be recognised generally within the British fashion industry and internationally as a sign of true talent and professionalism.

People I feel should be recognised (I am not giving a reason as if you know them I think what they do or have done speaks for themselves – if you don't then go and find out about them):

     Charles Thompson, Sherry Dixon, Alexander Amosu, JLS, Rachael Williams, Yemi Oshunkoya, Eryca Freemantle, Deborah St Louis, Natalie Barrett, Naomi Campbell and the Sleek Sisters (based in Nigeria – ok on this one I will explain – they run the biggest Sleek franchise in the world and are such nice as people), My TMC Team (Tope, Amina, Claudia, Redz, Eva and Gregory).


Finally I must end by paying tribute to all of those that have left us in 2010 including family and friends of people I know, but whom as much as I would want to mention them by name I am unable to, but our thoughts and prayers are with everyone that has lost someone dear to them. Here are a few of the celebrities that left us in 2010.
James MacArthur
Teddy Pendergrass
Tony Curtis

  •         Alexander McQueen – British Fashion Designer
  •          Dennis Hooper – Actor
  •          Gary Coleman - Actor
  •          James MacArthur – Actor (Dan O in Hawaii five O)
  •          Lena Horne – Legendary Singer
  •          Teddy Pendergrass – Singer
  •          Tony Curtis - Actor
  •          Teena Marie - Singer

It’s now time that I stopped as I know some of you are recovering from a hangover, lack of sleep from hard core partying or just want to spend some time with the family, so reading a long blog is far from being on your mind.

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